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THE VANISHING MIDDLE CLASS - Lisl Ponger - Secession - Wien

Der neue Präsident der Secession bei der Pressepräsentation

Die Kunst der Möglichkeiten

Margot Pilz, performative Verarbeitung ihrer Jahre im KZ, Künstlerhaus Wien

Washing bin Laden ZANNY BEGG 

“bin Ladens” is a colloquial term for the EU$500 note, one of the highest value banknotes in the world. The term emerged because although a quarter of all the $500 euros printed are circulating within Spain – no one ever sees them in ordinary transactions: their role is mostly confined to money laundering activities.

Washing bin Laden looks at the notion of financial crisis in Spain through the story of Enric Duran a modern day Robin Hood of the Banks who stole almost half a million euros and gave it away to social organisations. A EU$500 note is gifted to one of the beneficiaries of this donation, AureaSocial, to explore if activists can “wash” money of its oppressive role.


Erwin Redl - Personale - Bitform Gallery - New York