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Gustav Klimt im Kunsthistorischen Museum


Magie der Vielfalt im MAK

http://wdchelsinki2012.fi/en We are open. For us, openness equals transparency, global responsibility and innovation. Usability, sustainability and desirability. That is what we are looking for. We design for a better life.

http://www.influenza.etc.br/  about influenza

Dolomiten Domino

http://www.desvirtual.com/nike/  giselle beiguelman: ceci n´est pas unn nike

http://www.artcart.de/  be avantgarde - buy net.art

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Sound Art. Klang als Medium der Kunst im ZKM

Tribute to John Cage - TONSPUR

Daylight Spaces 2012 Preise ORTE Architekturnetzwerk

Aeronautische Apperzeptionen - Hermann Härtel