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Dates: April 1 — May 9, 2011
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art (25 Petrovka)

Valentin Till Maria Samarine-Smirnov (1928) is a representative of
Leningrad underground culture, immigrated to France in the early 1980s.
His solo photo exhibition “Sanki Magic” will be held in the Moscow Museum
of Modern Art.
Valentin Samarine was an active participant of the cultural and political
life in Leningrad. He upheld interests of artists of the “second culture”.
In 1978, the photographer organized “Studio 974”, an art gallery in his
own apartment. The studio hosted regular exhibitions of Leningrad artists
and photographers. An atmosphere of “total democracy” reigned there.

Samarine called his oeuvre “sanki art”. It was a special technique of the
“new old” silver-based photography. “Sanki is an ordinance of the old
silver-based photography, metamorphoses of energy projections, invisible
in the ordinary photo, metaphysics of invisible projections of the Light
and the Shadow of the spiritual world of a person, his passions”, said the
author. The word “sanki” was adopted from “Sense energetics” book about
Ancient Chinese philosophy. The notion reveals invisible energy potentials
of Time and Space, which determine our earthly existence. This special
technique enables the master to display the things that are hidden from
the viewers in the ordinary photos.

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